Friday, 23 July 2010

PGP Chat Google Talk (Gtalk)

-- No Longer works - due to change in Gtalk Api change. --

Wanted to create this software for a very long time. Atlast, it is done.

Copied the basic application from codeProject (

Then added the functionality to get Secure.

1. As soon as a chat session is opened with the operand, a RSA key pair is generated. The key pair is kept until the applicaiton quits.

2. Sends the public key and expects one from the operand

3. If key recieved, then secure Chat is turned on

4. if not, the chat session will be unsecure

5. To check, if it is really secure, you can open Gtalk, and monitor. Gtalk allows multiple sessions. So you can see encrypted messages passisng arround.

Download it from: 


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